This tab displays several types of information in a geospatial format. Select the data to view from the drop-down menu below the tab.

  • Customers Interrupted: Displays the number of customers (i.e., service points) experiencing an electrical interruption.

  • Interruption Count: Displays the total number of devices experiencing interruptions. A single device can have multiple interrupted customers.

  • Wires Down: Displays the number of Wires Down hazards in the region.

  • Active Calls Count: Displays the number of active calls per region.

  • Region Estimated Time of Restoration: Displays the estimated time of restoration for a particular region. Each region with a restoration time is color-coded according to the legend at the bottom of the tab. Hover the cursor over the region to view the estimated restoration time for that region. This reflects the estimated time of restoration set on the Restoration Estimates page in the Dispatchers section.

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