NOTE: The Approval menu is not visible by default. You must enable the Approval functionality. See the Optional Functionality section in the Responder Configuration section to enable the approval process (Configure ArcFM Solution > ArcFM Desktop > Responder > Configuration > Optional Functionality).

The Approval drop-down menu contains the following tools:

  • Submit for Approval: Submits the switching order and marks it as awaiting approval. A confirmation screen appears asking you to verify that you want to submit the switch order for approval. After you submit a switch order for approval, it is automatically closed.

  • Approve: Use this tool to approve the currently open switching order. You are prompted to confirm that you want to approve the switching order. Once approved, the Approved field on the Order Details tabs are updated to include the date and time of approval and the name of the current user.

  • Reject: Use this tool to reject the currently open switching order.

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