Modifying Auto Change from Parent Region

If you have a parent node selected, you can modify the Auto Change setting as well as the Primary mode. These changes affect the child regions within the parent region.

Auto Change: A value of Mixed in the Is Auto Change Enabled field on a parent region indicates that some child regions have Auto Change enabled and some do not. When the value is Mixed, you can only disable Auto Change for the parent region and all of its child regions. If all are disabled, you can enable Auto Change on all of them.

Primary Mode: A value of Mixed Mode in the Mode field indicates that the child regions have different Primary Mode values. If you change the Mode field from Mixed Mode to another mode (e.g., Night), the Primary Mode for all child regions is changed as well. If one or more child regions have Auto Change enabled (i.e., the Primary Mode isn't in effect), the user is warned that some child regions are using Auto Change. The user can then choose whether to disable Auto Change on the child regions.

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