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The Attribute Details button allows you to view additional information about any feature visible on the Attribute Viewer. To access the Attribute Details, select features on the map (e.g., using the Identify tool or any Search method). Once you have features in the Attribute Viewer, the Attribute Details button is enabled. Click this button to display Attribute Details for features in the currently selected tab in the Attribute Viewer. When a row is selected, it shows this one first. If a row is not selected, it displays details for the first feature in the list.

The Attribute Details screen displays relationship and attribute information as well as a map view for the selected feature.


The first column lists the available relationships on the selected feature. In the example shown in Attribute Details, the selected feature is a Service Point and has relationships to Induction Motor, ServiceAddress, and Synchronous Motor. The Attribute Viewer only displays relationships that have been configured in Page.config (see the Configuration Guide).

Depending on the option selected, the Attribute Details can show all relationships regardless of whether they were configured in Page.config, or it can show only those relationships that were configured in Page.config. The Attribute Details screen also illustrates multiple levels of relationships when they exist. Select a related object in the list to view its attributes in the middle column.


The middle column displays all visible attributes and attribute values on the selected feature. An Administrator can hide fields using the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog. To hide the field in all applications, set the Visible field property to False; to display the field only in ArcInfo, set the property to ArcInfo Only.

Map Display

The map display in the right column zooms to show the corresponding feature. You can use the cursor to pan within this window. Double-click in the map display to zoom in. Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in or out. The feature currently viewed in the Attribute Details is highlighted in white.

Attribute Details

Look for the two arrows in the upper-right right corner of the Attribute Details form. Use these buttons to view attributes for the next (or previous) feature in the list. The Attribute Details only scrolls through the features on the selected tab (e.g., Service Point). To view Attribute Details for another feature layer, click the X in the upper-right corner to close the Attribute Details dialog. Select another tab on the Attribute Viewer and click Attribute Details again. These arrow buttons are disabled if only one feature exists on the selected Attribute Viewer tab.

The Attribute Details window offers two different ways to view relationships. You can view all relationships that are available on the selected feature, or you can view only those relationships that have been configured in ArcFM Server. Refer to the Configure Related Data page in the Server Configuration Guide for information about configuring relationships. To determine the relationships you'd like to view, look for two buttons next to the Relationships label on the Attribute Details page.

Show All Relationships displays all relationships that exist on the selected feature.

 Show Configured Relationships displays only the relationships that have been configured in ArcFM Server.

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