Cancel Incident

Available in Responder Explorer.

Responder Explorer provides the option to cancel an incident. This removes the incident from the database. If you choose to cancel an incident that has customer calls associated with it, you can delete the associated calls or assign them to a new incident. If configured, cancelled incidents can be archived and viewed in Archive Explorer. Cancelled incidents are displayed in gray text in Archive Explorer.

  1. Right-click an incident and select Cancel.
    If a switching order with tags and/or grounds is associated with the incident, Responder prompts you to remove all tags and grounds before the incident can be cancelled.
  2. In the Confirm Cancel dialog, click Yes to cancel the incident, or click No to keep the incident and close the confirmation screen.

    NOTE: The Confirm Cancel screen may prompt you to provide a reason for the cancellation. This field only appears if your administrator has configured it to be displayed.
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