Find Incident for Customer

Available in Responder Explorer.

The Find Incident For Customer button allows you to locate a specific customer and determine whether an incident exists for that client.

  1. In Responder Explorer, click Find Incident For Customer on the Responder toolbar in Responder.
  2. Enter search criteria.
  3. Click OK.

    Found records appear in a separate window. This list includes all customer records that fit the criteria, whether incidents exist or not.

  4. Double-click the customer row to open the corresponding incident in Responder Explorer (if an incident exists for that customer).
    NOTE: If the customer resides at a multi-customer load point (e.g., apartment building), the incident will be identified in the search, regardless of whether that specific customer has been selected as out.

    If no incidents exist for the customer, the following message appears at the bottom-left corner of the Select a Customer window:

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