Incident Review

Incident Review allows Senior Dispatchers to review completed incidents with an outage.

Right-click on the incident, choose the Incident Review tool, and change basic details on the incident, such as adding remarks, changing general information about the incident, or altering device operation times.

Use the slider to change the operation times, including times of outage and restore, or make the changes in the Operations tab at the bottom of the form. Phases cannot be changed with Incident Review.

Default configuration is set for users with Senior Dispatcher permissions to have the Incident Review option. However, this can be adjusted to add other roles as desired for your organization.

Once an incident has been reviewed and the changes saved, the Reviewed By column in the Incident row is updated with the username of the user that reviewed the incident.

Loadpoints associated with the outage are updated, as well as the device operation time. If there are multiple steps within an incident with the exact same operation time, such as from a switch order where all steps are executed at once or via a mass restore, then updating the time for one record will update the times of all records with that same time.

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