External Reset Mechanisms

Class 9066 / Refer to Catalog 9065CT9701

External Reset Mechanisms, Class 9066

Type RB1

Type W1

Type RA2 Series B

Type SC1

Type RA kits provide a convenient external means for resetting overload relays mounted in control enclosures of almost any depth. Designed for use on NEMA 1, 4 or 12 enclosures, they can be used with any Square D open type magnetic starter or Class 9065 overload relay. All kits are individually packaged for easy stocking and include complete installation instructions.

Only a single mounting hole is required in the enclosure door. Each kit contains one or more threaded reset rods, grooved at intervals of 3/4" so they can be cut to the approximate length required without thread damage. Final adjustment is easily made after installation by rotating a plunger and tightening the lock nut. Mechanisms with more than one reset rod include a steel cross bar with mounting holes located at 1/2" intervals, providing a choice of rod locations to suit any application. All steel parts are electrically isolated from the enclosure and the operator.

Type RB kits make it possible to field install external reset mechanisms to Type S combination starters in NEMA 12 enclosures. They may also be used to replace external reset mechanisms on Type S combination starters in NEMA 1, 4 and 12 enclosures.

Class 9066 External Reset Mechanisms

Where Used

Type of Enclosure

Reset Mechanism Kit


Catalog Number

for commercial enclosures

1, 12

With 1 Rod


With 2 Rods


With 3 Rods

Replacement on
8538, 8539 starters

1, 12

Size 0 and 1


Size 2


On commercial enclosures or
Type S combination starters


W1 is a boot only and must be used
with RA or RB Kit listed above


Replacement on
Class 8536 Type S starters

with slip-on covers

Size 00, 0 and 1


Size 2

Size 3

Retro-fit kit Class 8940 Pump Panel


Reset for use with 9065TJF, Series B, OLR

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