Add Custom Fields, Domains, and Permissions

The following customizations are optional though very helpful if you want to add custom fields and domains to Switch Order Requests among other things.

Add Custom Fields

For custom fields to appear on Switch Order Requests, the fields need to be added to the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file under :


The following is an example to show the required format:

<Column Name = "Test_Field_String" Caption= "String Value" Represents= "Custom1" />

Although the values for Column Name=, Caption=, and Represents= can be named as you choose, each needs to be present for proper display on Switch Order Requests.

Add Custom Domain

For custom domain values to appear on Switch Order Requests, the domain and its appropriate values need to exist. The Description values are important specifically because they are more descriptive than just 0 or 1, which might have no meaning to users. The topic below shows potential Descriptions to use.

Us the following steps to add a custom domain to your geodatabase.

  1. Right-click the name of the geodatabase and select Properties.
  2. Click the Domains tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the domains list.
  4. In the empty row, type the domain name in the Domain Name field.
  5. Ensure that the correct Field Type is selected under Domain Properties.
  6. If additional domains need included, click Apply after adding each one.
  7. Click OK.

Add New Domain Status

A status of -1 indicates a Saved status of a Switch Order Request. The domain value of 0 indicates the Switch Order status is Submitted. The following is an example of how the DomainPairs for the SWITCH_ORDER_REQUEST_STATUS domain should look:

<Domain Name = "SWITCH_ORDER_REQUEST_STATUS" xsi:type= "CodedDomainConfig" DataType= "Int32">
<DomainPair Value= "-1" Description= "Saved" />
<DomainPair Value= "0" Description= "Submitted" />
<DomainPair Value= "1" Description= "Approved" />
<DomainPair Value= "2" Description= "Assigned to SO" />
<DomainPair Value= "3" Description= "In Execution" />
<DomainPair Value= "4" Description= "Executed" />

DomainPair values must be present with the given values above, in addition to the appropriate Description, which you can change accordingly.

Add Permission

On Responder Web Portal, under Administration, click Tasks then select the Operations tab. You will need to add a new permission called EDIT_SW_OR_REQUESTS.

After adding the permission, you can click Roles then assign the permission to the appropriate role.

IMPORTANT: After the above changes are made, you will need to restart the Responder service and IIS Admin Service.
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