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The Show All Regions button allows the user to see all regions on the map, regardless of region assignments. Responder provides the option to hide this tool and allow users to view only the regions to which they are assigned.

  1. First, remove the tool from the user interface by taking it out of the Regions.custom.layout file. This file is installed here: Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Client\addons\Miner.Responder.Explorer. Look for the following line in the XML.
    <Command key="RegionsShowAll" type="Miner.Responder.Explorer.Commands.CommandButtonRegionsShowAll, 
    Miner.Responder.Explorer, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc"/>
  2. Either delete this line or comment it out.
  3. Save and close Regions.custom.layout.
  4. Next, use the Miner.Responder.Explorer.exe.config to determine which regions to display. This file is installed here: Program Files\Miner and Miner\Responder\Client
  5. Look for the <appSettings> section. Locate within this section a line with a key value of "ShowAllRegions".
    <appSettings> <add key="PhaseDegField" value="PhaseDesignation"/> <add key="NormalPosAField" value="NormalPosition_A"/> <add key="NormalPosBField" value="NormalPosition_B"/> <add key="NormalPosCField" value="NormalPosition_C"/> <add key="ResponderCachedLayersName" value="Responder_cached"/> <add key="ShowIncidentReportMap" value="false"/> <add key="MapServerLocation" value="http://responderServer/images/mapimage.aspx"/> <add key="IncidentReportMapWidth" value="600"/> <add key="IncidentReportMapHeight" value="400"/> <add key="ShowAllRegions" value="false"/> </appSettings>
  6. The ShowAllRegions value defaults to false. When set to false, the user will see only the regions to which he has been assigned. If this value is set to true, the user will see all regions, regardless of assignment.
    NOTE: Responder refers to the ShowAllRegions property only when the Show All Regions button has been removed (or commented out of) the Regions.custom.layout file.
  7. Save and close Miner.Responder.Explorer.exe.config.
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