Show Canceled Children

This optional configuration allows you to determine if canceled incidents are displayed on Responder Archive Explorer when incident queries are run, if you set Archive Explorer to store canceled incidents.

The default setting is set to include canceled incidents. You can change this setting to not display those incidents as described below. This configuration setting is in ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml and can be applied to each incident query in Archive Explorer.

  1. Open ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml. By default, this file is installed here: \Program Files\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
  2. Look for the following bit of XML. This will appear in multiple places through the ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml file.
          <b:Property Key="ShowCanceledChildren" Value="true" />
  3. Replace the Value with False for the ShowCanceledChildren property to exclude canceled incidents in the query results.
  4. You can set this value on each incident query in Archive Explorer.
  5. Save and close ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml. There is no need to edit ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml for this configuration.
  6. Close and reopen Responder Archive Explorer to view the updated changes.
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