Telemetry Service Configuration (Web Server)

Configuration of Telemetry Service is not required, but it can be useful in gathering statistical information on the processing of Responder data. Follow the steps below to configure the Telemetry Service.

Web Server will need the following configuration for Telemetry:

  1. Open Web.config. By default, this file is installed here: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder\.
  2. In Web.config find and edit the following XML:

        <add key="TelemetryService.Address" value="localhost:36745" />
        <add key="TelemetryService.Enabled" value="false" />

  3. Change the Address value of localhost to the server location for the database.
  4. Change the Enabled value to true.
  5. Save and close the config file.
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