Schema Configuration

Responder Explorer and Archive Explorer each have an XML file that allows you to update the database schema. Responder Explorer uses DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml, and Archive Explorer uses ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml.

If you modify the Responder or Archive tables, you must also modify the schema configuration file (the tables must always be modified before the schema configuration file). If you do not modify any database tables, nothing needs to be done with this file. Below is an example from DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml. Each <Column> tag represents a field in the table. Add, remove and modify according to your database changes (e.g., new field). The Represents attribute is used to display values on the Dashboard. Do not modify this attribute value.

Previous releases (prior to 10.0.2) used the Length attribute in the schema configuration to set the length of the field. With the release of 10.0.2, each field length matches the field length in the database, and this attribute is no longer needed. The Configuration Batch Script for the 10.0.2 release will remove this attribute. However, if it exists in the configuration file, it won't impact anything.

<Table Name="RX_INCIDENT_FEATURES" Caption="Features" RowCaption="Feature [OID]" Adapter="Miner.Responder.Framework.BusinessObjects.IncidentFeature, Miner.Responder.Framework" Represents="IncidentFeatures">
    <Column Name="ID" Caption="ID" Represents="ID" IsPrimaryKey="true" Sequence="RX_INCIDENT_FEATURES_ID_SEQ"/>
    <Column Name="OID" Caption="OID" Represents="OID"/>
    <Column Name="FCID" Caption="Type" Domain="FACILITY_TYPE" Represents="FCID"/>
    <Column Name="SUBID" Caption="SubID" Visible="false" Represents="SubID"/>
    <Column Name="X" Caption="X" Visible="false" Represents="X"/>
    <Column Name="Y" Caption="Y" Visible="false" Represents="Y"/>
    <Column Name="INCIDENT_ID" Caption="Incident ID" Represents="IncidentID"/>
    <Column Name="TIME_REPORTED" Caption="Time Reported" Represents="TimeReported"/>
    <Column Name="FACILITY_ID" Caption="Facility ID" Represents="FacilityID"/>
    <Column Name="CONFIRMED" Caption="Confirmed" DefaultValue="0" Domain="YES_NO" Represents="Confirmed"/>
    <Column Name="REMARKS" Caption="Remarks" Represents="Remarks"/>
    <Column Name="USER_CREATED" Caption="Created By" Represents="UserCreated" Visible="true"/>
    <Column Name="USER_UPDATED" Caption="Updated By" Represents="UserUpdated" Visible="true"/>

The schema configuration files allow you to modify the field labels displayed in Responder Explorer or Archive Explorer and the domain values in drop-down menus as well as determine whether information in specific columns is visible.

  • Modify Field Labels (optional)

  • Modify Domain Values (optional)

  • Assign Domains (optional)

  • Set Column Visibility (optional)

DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml and ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml are installed here: Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server\.

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