Assign Domains

To assign a domain to a particular field, it must be done by adding the domain attribute to a column tag in DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml. For example:

<Column Name="CRITICAL" Caption="Critical" Domain="CRITICAL_TYPE" Represents="CriticalCustomer"/>

Virtual Domains

Responder creates some domains that are NOT defined in DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml. To use these domains, they must be assigned to a field (or column) in a table. Below are descriptions of the virtual domains automatically created by Responder.




This domain contains a list of members in the RX_CREW_MEMBERS table.


This domain contains a list of all feature classes in the geodatabase. In the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file installed with Responder, this domain is assigned to all FCID fields (e.g., DEVICE_FCID, FCID, INCIDENT_DEVICE_FCID).


This domain contains a list of regions in the RX_REGIONS table.


This domain contains a list of users in the RX_USERS table.

Calculated Fields

A calculated field uses a domain value selected by the user to perform a calculation and present the result. For example, a user may select a value of 1 hour from the Time Restored Est. field. The Time Restored Est. field uses this value (1 hour) to calculate the estimated time of restoration.

In the case of a calculated field, the domain is not assigned to the field in DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml. However, the domain must be defined in DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml.

Below is a list of calculated fields in Responder:




Time Restored Est.


The user-selected domain value (e.g., 1 hr) is added to the current time for an estimated time of restoration. You may modify the INCIDENT_DURATION domain. The field will use the custom values in its calculation.

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