Prediction and SCADA

Responder does not automatically roll incidents from customer calls into a SCADA incident. It uses the times the calls were received to determine whether downstream incidents should be rolled into SCADA incidents. If a customer call was received before a SCADA device reported another outage, two incidents will result.

For example, a customer call is received at 2:15pm reporting an outage at a service point. Fifteen minutes later, the SCADA device on the upstream transformer reports an outage. Because the customer call was received before the transformer failed, Responder creates an incident at the service point as well as on the transformer. If the call is received after the transformer has been reported out by SCADA, then the service point is included in the transformer incident.

TIP: A device on a SCADA incident may be opened regardless of whether a tag has been assigned to it. However, a device on a SCADA incident may NOT be closed if it has a tag.
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