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In Archive Explorer, the Customers tab currently displays a combination of customers that have loadpoints on the record or have called (or both). To alter the tab so that only customers with loadpoints on record appear (irrespective of call presence), do the following:

  1. Configure the Archive Explorer configuration file (Miner.Responder.ArchiveExplorer.exe.config) for any client machine that accesses Responder. This file is located in the Miner and Miner\Responder\Client folder. You may edit the file by opening it in an XML application (such as XML Spy) or by opening it in a simple text editing program (such as Notepad).
    IMPORTANT: Do not edit XML files using a word processing program such as WordPad or Microsoft Word as it may corrupt your configuration file.
  2. On the client machine, browse to and open Miner.Responder.ArchiveExplorer.exe.config.
  3. Look for the following XML:
            <!--<add key="" value="" />-->
            <add key="TelemetryService.Address" value="localhost:36745"/>
            <add key="TelemetryService.Enabled" value="false"/>
  4. Add the following key:
    <add key="ShowCallersOnCustomerTab" value="false"/>
  5. Ensure the value is set to false.
  6. Save and close Miner.Responder.ArchiveExplorer.exe.config.
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