Create Searchable Feature Classes

This configuration limits the feature classes and tables that are available in the Search drop-down to only those that have a visible Object ID field. This ensures that all searchable tables appear in the drop-down, such as Feature Class and Query layers, while excluding layers that are not searchable (such as XY layers).

This defaults to true. If you have Object ID fields on tables/feature classes in your map document set to not be visible, set this property to false. If set to false, all layers appear in the Search drop-down, though layers such as XY will not work properly with the Search tool with no results being found.

TIP: Object ID fields include fields with the following names:
  • Object ID

  • ObjectID



  • OID

  • ID

  1. Browse to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder and open Web.config. This file can be edited using a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Look for the following XML. These lines reside in the <map.Service> section and in the <> section.  Ensure you are updating the configuration section for the applicable page. 
    <Searches MaxRecords="50" QueryLayerSupport="true">
  3. Set the QueryLayerSupport attribute to true to include only searchable layers in the Search drop-down. This option is only available if your Object ID fields are set to visible in both the ArcFM Properties as well as the .mxd used to publish the map service. Set the QueryLayerSupport attribute to false to include all layers (searchable and not) in the Search drop-down.
  4. Save and close Web.config.
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