Responder supports the concept of regions, also called areas of responsibility, districts, zones, etc. Regions are designated by polygons drawn on the map. Using model names your administrator can break regions into three levels for display and reporting purposes.

IMPORTANT: Counties are configured in the same way as regions. When configuring counties, follow the same steps that are outlined in Configure Regions, but use RXCOUNTY instead of RXREGION (however, RXREGIONNAME is still used as a field model name). Also keep in mind that the concept of “parents” doesn’t exist for counties as it does regions. For more info on counties, see Government Dashboard.
  • Configure Regions (geodatabase)

  • RegionParents.custom.layout

  • Clean Up Regions

  • Set Up in ArcMap

  • Hide "Show All Regions" (Optional)

Once configured, you will need to assign regions to users in the Dispatchers section of the Responder web browser. This section also allows you to assign Prediction modes by region.

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