Set Halo Color

You can select which color and what size the halo will be on selected features.

  1. Browse to and open C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder\Web.config.
  2. Look for XML similar to the following. These lines reside in the <map.Service> section and in the <> section.  Ensure you are updating the configuration section for the applicable page.
    <Selection SelectionColor="blue" MarkerSize="10"/>
  3. You can change the SelectionColor value to be any basic color. The halo displays as a semi-transparent version of the color when the feature is selected in the map view of Map Viewer or Switch Order Request.
    IMPORTANT: If the color cannot be identified, the size will not change either. A default color of light blue and a size of 10 defaults in this instance.
  4. You can change the size of the halo by entering the MarkerSize value. The larger the number, the wider the diameter of the halo around the selected feature.

    SelectionColor="blue" MarkerSize="10" displays like this:

    SelectionColor="green" MarkerSize="50" displays like this:

    SelectionColor="red" MarkerSize="100" displays like this:

  5. Save and close Web.config and Refresh Map Viewer or Switch Order Request to view the changes.
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