Configure Responder

Responder has several pieces which must be configured:

  • The Responder services include Data Services, Prediction Services, and Archive Services. Data Services acts as a liaison between the web server, the client machines, and the Responder database. Prediction Services runs Responder's outage prediction engine. Archive Services acts as a liaison between Archive Explorer and the archive tables. The Responder database and the archive tables are generally stored on the same server as the utility's geodatabase.

    NOTE: While the Responder database may reside on the same server as the geodatabase, Responder's activities do not impact the geodatabase.
  • The Web Server hosts the web-based forms used to locate customer information and log trouble calls. The web server also stores OMS reports and the dashboard, which provides high-level statistics on call volume and outage numbers.

  • The client machines are used by operators receiving calls from customers. Users can access the web forms on the web server to log calls. Data Services gathers the information and puts it in the Responder database.

Oracle 10g Databases: If you're hitting an Oracle 10g database, the spatial cache MUST be disabled. Leaving this enabled will cause errors. The Esri Support Center offers additional information about the errors caused when this setting is enabled.

IMPORTANT: This applies to 9.3.1 SP1 and earlier.

SQL Server Databases: If you're hitting a SQL Server 2005 or 2008 database, you must configure the database to use Snapshot Isolation. You will receive errors if this is not configured. Responder supports Snapshot Isolation to provide performance enhancements. Use the following SQL statement to enable Snapshot Isolation:

If you're implementing release 10.0.1 SP1 or later, an implementation script enables Snapshot Isolation for you.
TIP: Past releases of Responder required an RCS server to support OASyS PubSub. With the release of 9.3.1 SP1, Responder handles PubSub activity internally. OASyS PubSub and an RCS server are no longer required. Responder requires no additional configuration. Just install and configure Responder as normal (without the RCS and OASyS PubSub configurations).
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