Configure Telephone Numbers

Responder allows you to determine the minimum and maximum length for the phone number as well as the default area code and other properties.

These settings reside in the web.config file at this location: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder. Open Web.config and look for the following bit of XML.

            <add key="phoneNumbers.MinNumberLength" value="7"/>
            <add key="phoneNumbers.MaxNumberLength" value="10"/>
            <add key="phoneNumbers.MaxExtensionLength" value="5"/>
            <add key="phoneNumbers.AppendPrefixIfLengthEquals" value="7"/>
            <add key="phoneNumbers.NumberExtensionSplitter" value="x"/>
            <add key="DefaultAreaCode" value = "970" />
  • MinNumberLength: Minimum length for the telephone number. Default value is 7.

  • MaxNumberLength: Maximum length for the telephone number. Default value is 10.

  • MaxExtensionLength: Maximum length of the extension for the telephone number. Default value is 5.

  • AppendPrefixIfLengthEquals: When the telephone number equals this value, the DefaultAreaCode is appended. For example, if the user enters a seven-digit number (223-1888) and this value is set to 7, then the DefaultAreaCode value (970) is automatically appended to the telephone number (970-223-1888). The default value is 7. To disable this functionality, set the value to -1.

  • NumberExtensionSplitter: This is the value that separates the extension from the telephone number. The default value is x. For example: 970-123-3456 x123

  • DefaultAreaCode: This is the number (area code, country code) that may be appended to a telephone number using the AppendPrefixIfLengthEquals attribute.

If you do not want to use one of these settings, use comment marks to disable it. For example:

                <!--<add key="DefaultAreaCode" value = "307" /> -->

To change the display format for phone numbers, there are two files to modify: 

C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\responder\App_GlobalResources\strings.resx - This file contains the PhoneNumberFormat name. Its value must be set to the phone format of the locale.

C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\responder\web.config - This file contains the AcceptedNumberLength configuration. The value of this configuration must be set according to the following example:

Set to 11 = the entire phone number including area code, 1-970-223-1888

Set to 7 = the last 7 digits of the phone number, 223-1888

Set to 4 = the last 4 digits of the phone number, 1888

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