Before You Begin

IMPORTANT: The process for implementing server clustering can vary significantly depending on your system and requirements. Please ensure that your IT support representative has adequate knowledge of clustering prior to configuring Server Clustering for Responder.

If you choose to use Server Clustering the following requirements are specific to Responder.

  • Responder supports only Server Clustering (NOT Network Load Balancing or Component Load Balancing).

  • You should not put a network load balancer in front of MSMQ. The Responder message router balances load (distributes messages) between servers using MSMQ. This is described further in Tech Paper - MSMQ .NET Remoting Channel.

  • Software must be installed in the following order:

    • Cluster Administrator

    • MSMQ

    • ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer

    • Responder

  • All servers (active and passive) in the server cluster must have identical Responder server configurations.

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