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The Notify Network Change  tool keeps the data in the geodatabase current with Responder. When Responder loads the geometric network at start-up, it caches the network for better performance. This tool allows you to reload the geometric network. Refresh the version in ArcMap to view the latest information. You should run this tool to update Responder's view of the geometric network whenever you add, delete, or modify geometric network features.

This tool may also be automated using the standalone executable version installed with Responder. This tool, which is run from a command prompt, is installed by default here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server\Tools\NetworkRefresh.exe

IMPORTANT: Before running the Notify Network Change tool, copy NetworkRefresh.exe into the Responder\Server directory. Running the tool from the default Tools directory fails with an error.

NetworkRefresh.exe requires you to specify the MSMQ machine necessary to communicate with Data Services. There are two ways to do this:

  • DataServices Server: Specify the name of the computer that hosts Data Services:  -computer:<servername>  You may also replace <servername> with "." to indicate the local machine: -computer:.  In the example below, the server name is "dox."

  • MSMQ Address: Enter the Multicast group using an IP address:  -group <ip address>.


Additional Parameters


Use this parameter to specify a port number on the group. For example:

NetworkRefresh.exe -group: -port:8005


This parameter is necessary if you have multiple network interfaces (including virtual interfaces). Use this parameter to specify the network interface MSMQ should use. For example:

NetworkRefresh.exe -group: -intf:
TIP: You can start the options with a dash (-) as shown or a forward slash (/). Options are separated by a colon (:) as shown or an equal sign (=).
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