Remove -Unknown- Value from Dashboard

When no region is assigned to an incident, the Region value is defaulted to -Unknown-. The same applies if you have configured Responder to use counties and cities. -Unknown- is the default for all three. You can remove the -Unknown- value from the reporting fields on the Service Dashboard as well as the optional Government Dashboard.

There are three places on the dashboard that display the -Unknown- value. This value may be removed by modifying the corresponding XML in the Web.config file. Web.config is installed here: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder\.

  • Service Dashboard: The -Unknown- value is visible on the Service dashboard (visible by default). Change the value attribute to "false" to remove the -Unknown- value.

    <add key="service.hierarchyBuilder.displayUnknown" value="true"/>
  • The Government dashboard is an optional configuration. If you haven't configured the Government Dashboard, it won't be visible.

    • County: This value appears in the list of counties on the Government Dashboard. In the Web.config file, locate the following bit of XML and change the value attribute to "false" to remove the -Unknown- value.

      <add key="county.hierarchyBuilder.displayUnknown" value="true"/>
    • City: When the user clicks a county name on the Government dashboard, the map zooms to that county and displays a list of cities in that county. This list of cities may have an -Unknown- value. To remove the -Unknown- value, locate the following XML in Web.config, and change the value attribute to "false".

      <add key="city.hierarchyBuilder.displayUnknown" value="true"/>
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