Restart Services via Notify Network Change Button

Staggering the restart of services via the Notify Network Change button allows you to restart Responder services after an Esri replication without experiencing any downtime. This configuration setting is enabled by default. Additionally, the keys are omitted from the config file by default.

Additional settings, outlined below, are available if you browse to and open the Responder Windows Service config file (Miner.Responder.WindowsService.exe.config) at this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server\. You can edit the file by opening it in an XML application (such as XML Spy), or by opening it in a simple text editing program (such as Notepad).

To change from the defaults, you will need to add the key values as outlined below, to the <appsettings> section of the XML file.

To turn off staggered restart, add the following the key value:

<add key="StaggeredRestart.Enabled" value="false" />

If this key does not exist in the configuration, then services are restarted.

Use of the settings below depends upon either the StaggeredRestart.Enabled key being set to true, or the key being omitted from the config file.

To use multicast, set the key's value to the IP and port of your Data Services Configuration:

<add key="StaggeredRestart.MulticastAddress" value="" />

To split services into multiple groups, add the following key and change the key's value to a number greater than the default of 2:

<add key="StaggeredRestart.SplitIntoGroupCount" value="5" />

To change the time between restarts, add the following key and set the key's value to 00:10:00, for example (this indicates that the minimum restart time is 10 minutes):

<add key="StaggeredRestart.MinTimeBetweenRestarts" value="00:10:00" />

After the 10-minute window, Restart Network is issued successfully. If this value does not exist in the configuration, the default is 30 minutes.

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