Require Sequential Execution

By default, Responder gives users the option to execute switching order operations out of sequence. If you choose the Step Execution tab on the Switching Order Editor, you'll see two tabs: Sequential and Selected. The Selected tab allows the user to select an operation in the list and execute it regardless of whether previous operations have been executed.

You can require users to execute steps only in sequential order. Simply modify a setting in the Data Services configuration file.

  1. Open Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config. By default, this file is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
  2. Look for the following XML.
        <add key="requiresSequentialExecution" value="false" />
  3. Set the requiresSequentialExecution value to true.
  4. Save the close Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config.
Once you've made this configuration changed and restarted Data Services, the Step Execution tab will no longer display the Selection option. Users will have to execute operations in order.
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