Configure Network Level Field

The Network Level fields allow you to filter outage data based on the custom groupings. For example, you can group incident devices by feature name, or by transmission/distribution. The Network Level section on the Dashboard displays outages by feature.

  1. Add the RxNetworkLevel model name to the Responder Field Model Name domain.
  2. Create the Responder Network Level domain. You can name this domain anything you'd like when creating it in ArcCatalog. 
    NOTE: The coded values created in ArcCatalog must match the domain in the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml and the ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml for the NETWORK_LEVEL domain. If you add or alter the domain in ArcCatalog, you need to alter the domain in the config files.
    This document will refer to it as the Responder Network Level domain. Create it with the following properties and use coded values that match what you created in your DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml and ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml.

    Domain Properties:

    • Field Type: Long Integer

    • Domain Type: Coded Values

    • Split Policy: Default Value

    • Merge Policy: Default Value

    When creating coded values, assign a unique coded value to each grouping to use when filtering incident data. The description should be the name you want to see in the user interface (i.e., the field to which this domain is assigned). There are several examples in the installed DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file.

  3. Determine which feature classes you'd like to use to filter incident data. Add a field to each of these feature classes. The field must have the following properties:
    • Data Type: Long Integer

    • Allow NULL Values: Yes

    • Default Value: (this field is empty)

    • Domain: Responder Network Level

    • Precision: 10

  4. Assign the RxNetworkLevel model name to the field added in Step 3.
  5. Lastly, you will need to assign the correct grouping values to the features in your map. For example, set the Network Level field to Distribution to all features that you consider part of the distribution system. The ArcFM Mass Attribute Update tool may help with this task.


You can view outage statistics by Network Level on the Dashboard. This functionality requires additional configuration on the Responder Web Server.

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