Archive Cancelled Incidents

You may elect to move cancelled incidents and their children (e.g., faults, hazards) into the Responder Archive database. These incidents will be visible in Archive Explorer. You may also choose whether to prompt the user to provide a reason for the cancellation. To configure Responder to archive cancelled incidents, follow the steps below.

NOTE: Note that loadpoints will not be archived. Loadpoints on cancelled incidents do not affect reliability indices.
  1. Open SubmitRulesConfig.xml. This file is installed here: Program Files(x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server\SubmitRulesConfig.xml.
  2. Look for the following block of XML.
    <b:RuleClass Key="" Type="Miner.Responder.Processors.SubmitRules.Post.ArchiveIncidentHistoryRule, Miner.Responder.Processors">
                    <b:Property Key="ArchiveCanceledIncidents" Value="true"/>
                    <b:Property Key="DeleteHistory" Value="true"/>
    IMPORTANT: Responder Integration Framework (RxIF) relies upon the contents of RXINT_CANCELED_LP to properly function. This view is not populated correctly if canceled loadpoints are removed from the history.

    RxIF does not support the configuration of both ArchiveCanceledIncidents and DeleteHistory set to true. If you have RxIF, you must have at least one of these settings changed to false so canceled loadpoints are not removed from the history. Any combination of true or false between these settings will work as long as both are not set to true.

  3. Set the ArchiveCanceledIncidents property to True to move cancelled incidents into the archive. If this value is set to False, cancelled incidents will not be moved to the Responder archive tables or visible in Archive Explorer.
  4. The DeleteHistory property determines whether the incident information is deleted from the History tables after it has been moved to the Archive tables. It is strongly recommended that you leave this value set to False until you are certain all necessary information is being moved properly to the archive tables. The History and Archive Tables page describes this property in more detail.
  5. Save and close SubmitRulesConfig.xml.
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