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The following instructions configure the Identify tool for use in ArcFM, ArcFM Viewer, and ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine.

The Identify tool allows the user to click the map to view a list of features at that location. The list of features displayed may be filtered by one of several options that are discussed in the user documentation for your application (ArcFM, ArcFM Viewer, and ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine). One of these options is to filter using a custom model name.

This section discusses how to configure the Identify tool to use your own custom model name. This configuration is an optional enhancement to the tool. Users may use the Identify tool out of the box with no configuration necessary.

A custom model name may be assigned to multiple feature classes in order to display a defined group of features when the user clicks the map. Since this model name will be displayed in the pull-down menu on the ArcFM Identify Tool, it should be meaningful to users (e.g., ElectricDevices model name may be assigned to all electric devices).

In the example above, the user created a model name called WhereAmI and assigned this model name to several feature classes in ArcCatalog (e.g., Parcel, ServiceArea, ZipCode, and Hydrology). When the user clicks a point on the map, features from these layers are displayed if they reside in that vicinity. In the example below, only Parcel, ZipCode, and ServiceArea features are displayed. There is no Hydrology feature because one does not exist at that location.

To create your custom model name, follow these steps:

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the geodatabase and select Properties.
  2. On the Domains tab, scroll to the Identify Tool Object Class Model Name domain. If you have executed the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool, this domain will exist. If it has not been created, either have an Administrator upgrade the database or add the domain. This domain must be spelled exactly as shown: Identify Tool Object Class Model Name. It must also be added to the Object Class Model Name Domain.
  3. Add your custom model name to the Identify Tool Object Class Model Name domain. All model names in this domain are displayed in the drop-down list shown in the first image above.
  4. Assign your custom model name to the feature layers you want to be displayed when the user clicks the map (if they are in the vicinity of the click point). For example, you may wish to assign a GasDevices custom model name to all gas devices.

    To assign the Identify tool custom object model name to a feature:

    1. Right-click the feature in ArcCatalog and select ArcFM Properties Manager.

    2. On the Model Names tab, select Identify Tool Object Class Model Name from the Model Name Domain drop-down menu.

    3. Either double-click the desired name in the Available column, or click once and then click the right arrow to move the selection to the Selected column. Click OK.

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