Clean Up Regions

This tool removes any record in the RX_REGION_ASSIGNMENTS table that references an obsolete OID for the Regions feature class. This step needs to be performed ONLY in the following instances:

  • You've previously used regions without parent regions

  • You've changed the feature class that represents regions in your geodatabase (the feature class with the RXREGION model name assigned)

  • You've changed the field in which the Region Name resides (the field with the RXREGIONNAME model name assigned)

If any of the above are true, follow the steps below to remove any obsolete rows in the RX_REGION_ASSIGNMENTS table.

  1. Start the Responder Windows Service.
    You can also use the Prediction Console if you wish. To do this, double-click Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe and skip to step 5.
  2. Open Responder Service Configuration.
  3. Select the Prediction Services tab and ensure at least one instance of Prediction Services is running.
  4. Select Console.
  5. Enter ONE of the following commands and click Send. Enter the command EXACTLY as shown.
    rm cleanup
    region_mode cleanup


    For more information about the commands available in the Prediction console, see the Responder Service Commands page.

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