Creating the De-energized Line Display Layer

  1. Add the RxLineDisplay layer to the Responder_Cached group in your map.
  2. Right-click RxLineDisplay and select Properties.
  3. Select the Symbology tab.
  4. Under the Categories header in the Show field, select Unique values.
  5. In the Value Field, select RXFEEDERID (using the field that is assigned the RXFEEDERID model name).
  6. Click Add Values.
  7. In the Add Values window, select <Null> and click OK. This leaves you with two values in the main window of the Symbology properties: <all other values> and <Null>.
    • <all other values>: This symbology indicates all features that have a value in the RxFeederID field. The RxFeederID value indicates a feeder that is supplying electricity to the line, making it differently energized. If you are creating layers for Abnormal feed or Multifeed, uncheck this box.

    • <Null>: This symbology indicates all features that have a value of Null in the RxFeederID field. This Null value indicates that the feeder is not being fed and is de-energized.

  8. On the Symbology tab, double-click the line symbols to modify the color and size used to display them in the map.
  9. Click OK to save changes in the Layer Properties.
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