Set Client-Side Visibility

Client-side visibility impacts whether the web application respects the settings in the Layers field or the settings as they are defined in the map document (mxd) on the server. When you expand the Layers control in an ArcFM for Silverlight web application, you'll see that you can turn layers on or off. If you have the application set to respect client-side visibility, the Identify tool only retrieves the layers that are selected (checked) in the Layers control.

To disable client-side visibility:

  1. Browse to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder\Web.config.
  2. Open Web.config. Use any text editing application (e.g., Notepad).
  3. Look for XML similar to the following. These lines reside in the <map.Service> section and in the <> section. Ensure you are updating the configuration section for the applicable page.
        <ClientSideVisibility Visible="true" ScaleRange="True" />
  4. Set the Visible value to False.
  5. Save Web.config. Refresh the browser to view changes.

    When Client-side Visibility is set to True, it looks like this:

    When Client-side Visibility is set to False, it looks like this:

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