Security Recommendations for Decommissioning


The EcoStruxure Panel Server is configured with sensitive and confidential information, such as user account identifiers, IP addresses, Wi-Fi passwords, and cryptographic keys.

When disposing of the EcoStruxure Panel Server , it is required to reset it to factory settings to make sure that no sensitive or confidential information can be disclosed or reused.

Resetting to Factory Settings

When following the procedure below, all data (including logs and keys) that have been stored are erased.

Disconnect the EcoStruxure Panel Server from any Ethernet networks before resetting the IP settings to factory values.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in impaired communications.

To reset the EcoStruxure Panel Server completely, follow this procedure to set all configuration settings to factory values:

  1. Unpair all wireless devices from the EcoStruxure Panel Server .

  2. Power up the EcoStruxure Panel Server while pressing the Restart button for more than 10 seconds.
    Result: The status LED turns steady orange then blinks fast orange when the reset to factory setting is initiated.

  3. Release the button once the status LED starts to blink fast orange.

  4. Confirm or cancel reset to factory settings:
    • To confirm reset to factory settings:
      Press the button again within 5 seconds.
      Result: The status LED blinks fast green indicating that reset to factory setting is confirmed.

    • To cancel reset to factory settings:
      Wait until the status LED blinks fast red.

  5. Wait for the EcoStruxure Panel Server to restart completely:

    1. The status LED turns steady orange while the EcoStruxure Panel Server is booting.

    2. The status LED turns steady green when the EcoStruxure Panel Server is in normal operation.

IMPORTANT: After performing a reset to factory setting on a Panel Server that has been previously connected to the Schneider Electric cloud, contact the Schneider Electric Customer Care Center to allow the reset Panel Server to connect again to the Schneider Electric cloud or to enable a Panel Server Advanced used as a local energy server to send e-mails again.
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