Hardware Connection

Connection to Ethernet

Entry model

Universal , Advanced models

  1. Ethernet ports for PAS600, PAS600T, PAS600L, PAS600LWD, PAS800, PAS800L

  2. Ethernet ports for PAS600PWD, PAS800P

NOTE: PAS600PWD and PAS800P can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). For information about connection of these models to an Ethernet switch with Endspan PoE ports or Midspan PoE ports, consult the instruction sheet available on the Schneider Electric website:
  • PKR28607 EcoStruxure Panel Server Universal Wired by Design  - Instruction Sheet for PAS600PWD

  • JYT24469 EcoStruxure Panel Server Advanced - Instruction Sheet for PAS800P

Connection to a PC

Proceed as follows to connect a PC to a Panel Server through Ethernet:

  • Entry model: connect an Ethernet cable between the PC and the Ethernet port on Panel Server .

  • Universal and Advanced models: connect an Ethernet cable between the PC and one of the Ethernet ports on Panel Server (ETH1 or ETH2).

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