Configuration of Ambient Sensors Through Webpages

To configure ambient sensors with EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Wireless Devices > Wireless Devices to view the list of the paired wireless devices.

    Result: The list of paired devices is displayed (with Connected written in green under the device name).

  2. Select the required ambient sensor to modify the configuration.

    Result: The parameters of the sensor are displayed.

  3. If necessary, in Locate, click Start to identify the specific sensor in its location. The sensor LED blinks for 30 seconds.

  4. Enter the data in the fields, referring to the following tables for more information about the parameters.

    • Click Apply Changes to save the settings
    • or
    • Click Cancel Changes to revert the settings.
NOTE: When saving the settings, a message may be displayed indicating either that 90% of wireless bandwidth capacity is reached or that the Panel Server is over configured. Follow the recommendation in the message to increase the communication period of a particular device or to reduce the number of wireless devices.

Parameter Tables


Parameter name Description


Enter the name of the wireless device.

Label (optional)

Enter the label of the wireless device.


For display only

Device range

For display only

Commercial reference

For display only

Hardware revision

For display only

Device family

For display only

Communication Settings

Parameter name Description

Communication period (s)

When available for the selected wireless device, you can set the communication period at a value different from the value set at family devices level. Select a value of between 60 and 600 seconds from the list.

Modbus virtual

Parameter name Description

Virtual server ID

Enter the ID of the Modbus virtual server.


Parameter name Description


Select from the list the commodity to be monitored.

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