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EcoStruxure Panel Server provides connection to Schneider Electric cloud services such as EcoStruxure Energy Hub , EcoStruxure Facility Expert , EcoStruxure Asset Advisor , and EcoStruxure Resource Advisor .

NOTE: Schneider Electric cloud services and service of publication of emails for alarms are mutually exclusive, that is, both features cannot be enabled concurrently.
NOTE: If a remote configuration of the Panel Server from cloud services attempts to enable more than 5,000 measurements, or 500 samples per minute or 100 alarms, the configuration is rejected.


This function is available on Panel Server Entry , Universal , and Advanced .

Setting the Parameters

Publishing function is set on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Publication > Publication method > Schneider Cloud services .

To publish data in the cloud, the Panel Server network settings must allow access to the internet (cloud). For example, DNS must be configured and a proxy setting may be needed. The firewall on your network may also need to be open to allow access to the Schneider Electric servers via port 443.

Enabling Schneider Electric Cloud Infrastructure

To enable Panel Server to access services of Schneider Electric cloud infrastructure, the access to the following URLs and ports must be authorized in LAN protection configuration:

Domain name



HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Used at first connection of Panel Server to the cloud (or after a factory reset) to authenticate and register the Panel Server .

HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Used to download firmware update.

HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Used for communication of Panel Server with Schneider Electric cloud services such as configuration, data, or alarms.

HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Allows Schneider Electric Customer Care Center to remotely access the Panel Server webpages through VPN.

HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Allows the Panel Server to upload logs and diagnostics files upon request from Schneider Electric Customer Care Center.

HTTPS (TCP port 443)

Allows the Panel Server to upload large topology (>250 kB) to the Schneider Electric cloud services.

NTP (UDP port  123)

NTP server allows the Panel Server clock to remain synchronized.

Cloud Connection Settings

The following table describes the settings.

Parameter Description

Cloud applications management

Buttons used to connect to and disconnect from the cloud:

  • Button Connect to connect the Panel Server to the Schneider Electric cloud.

  • Button Disconnect to disconnect from the Schneider Electric cloud.

Connection status

Shows the Panel Server connection status to the cloud:

  • Not connected

    NOTE: If the Panel Server does not succeed in connecting to the cloud, check that communication settings are correctly set (for example, proxy required but not defined) and that the date and time synchronization mode is set to Cloud (see Troubleshooting).
  • Connection in progress

  • Connected

Connection diagnostics

Shows diagnostic of connection to the cloud:

  • Device activated indicates that the Panel Server is connected to the cloud services.

  • Device not registered indicates that the Panel Server is not recognized by the cloud services.

  • Network unreachable indicates that the Panel Server is not able to reach the Schneider Electric cloud platform. Check your network configuration. Refer to Troubleshooting.

  • Bad credentials indicates that the security certificates used to connect to the Schneider Electric cloud platform could not be validated. Check that date and time synchronization mode has been set as Cloud on the Panel Server webpages or EcoStruxure Power Commission software.


Publish topology button used to send the list of the devices connected to the Panel Server to the cloud, as well as information such as device name and label entered at commissioning, available measurements, and usage or other contextualization information.

NOTE: Topology does not contain personal data. Schneider Electric does not scan, nor use, nor sell this data. This data is for the sole usage of the customer.

Publication period

The publication period is set by the cloud service and not editable.

Connecting to the Schneider Electric Cloud

To publish data and alarms on the Panel Server to Schneider Electric cloud:

  1. In the Publication webpage, select Publication method > Cloud and click Connect.

  2. Wait until Connection Status indicates Connected.

  3. Click Publish topology to send information about the Panel Server and connected devices to the cloud.

    IMPORTANT: Every time you change the configuration of Panel Server or the connected devices, you must publish the topology again.

    Result: The cloud service sends back a remote configuration to the Panel Server . The remote configuration imposes the selection of measurements and alarms, and the sampling and publisher configuration. The settings are not editable (read only) with Panel Server webpages.

  4. Check the Cloud service icon in the webpage header:

    • Green: valid remote configuration

    • Orange: invalid remote configuration

Disconnecting from Cloud Services

To temporarily disconnect Panel Server from Schneider Electric cloud:

  1. Click Disconnect.

  2. Wait until Connection Status indicates Not connected.

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