Permanent Deactivation of Wireless Networks


IEEE 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi wireless networks can be permanently and concurrently disabled in the Panel Server. Once the wireless networks are disabled via this command, it is permanent and cannot be undone. Neither a factory reset, nor a backup restore can activate the radio capabilities again. If re-activation of the IEEE 802.15.4 or Wi-Fi network is required, the Panel Server must be replaced by a new one.

The permanent deactivation of the wireless networks is not saved in the backup file of Panel Server configuration (see detailed topic).


This function is available on Panel Server Universal and Advanced.

Setting the Parameters

Permanent deactivation of wireless networks is set on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Security > Network Management > Wireless networks disable.

Deactivating Wireless Networks Permanently

To permanently and concurrently disable the IEEE 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi wireless networks in the Panel Server, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Network Management webpage, click Disable all wireless networks.

  2. Confirm or cancel the deactivation in the window that appears.

    Result: After confirming deactivation, the Panel Server automatically reboots. After rebooting, each type of wireless network is permanently disabled in the Panel Server and indicated as such on the webpages.

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