Publication of Emails for Alarms (Advanced Model)


The Panel Server Advanced allows you to trigger an email notification when an alarm becomes active.

To execute the email service tasks, the Panel Server Advanced must be connected to the Internet through an Internet service provider or a firewall with or without proxy management. The email service is provided through the Schneider Electric cloud infrastructure to provide a high quality of service.

To perform email notification, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the email service.

    NOTE: Service of publication of emails for alarms and Schneider Electric cloud services are mutually exclusive, that is, both features cannot be enabled concurrently.

  2. Create the list of recipients.

  3. Select the alarms that trigger an email notification when activated.

  4. Send email notification.

If the Panel Server Advanced does not succeed in connecting to the cloud services, see Troubleshooting.


This function is available on Panel Server Advanced.

Setting the Parameters

Publishing function is set on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Publication > Publication method > Email service for alarms.

Activating the Email Service

To activate the email notification service, click the Activate button.

Result: Connection Status turns from Not connected to Connected.

When email notification is activated, alarms are displayed in the webpages.

Creating Recipients

When email notification service is activated, you can complete the list of recipients with a maximum of 10 different recipients. In Email recipients, enter the name and email address for each recipient and click the Save button. The list can be edited or deleted.

An email address must be less than 128 characters.

To test the function, you can send an email to one selected recipient.

Recommendations for Email Addresses

Schneider Electric recommends that you use professional or generic email addresses to send alarms to avoid any privacy-related issue.

The email addresses are sent to the Schneider Electric cloud when an alarm occurs and only kept for the lifetime of the transaction. Email addresses are ephemeral data from the cloud point of view. The Panel Server keeps the email addresses locally and transmits them each time an alarm occurs.

Schneider Electric does not keep or use the email addresses for any other purpose than sending alarms and events.

Sending Email Notification

When email notification service is activated, all alarms that have been enabled trigger a notification to the recipients defined in the list. You cannot select the emails to be sent to some of the recipients.

The address from the Internet service provider has the format Email messages are only in English whatever the language selected for the Panel Server webpages or EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

NOTE: A variable period of time can occur between an event occurring and the email being received, depending on different factors, including domain name and network quality.
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