Non-Selective Pairing of Wireless Devices


Non-selective pairing of wireless devices is available on EcoStruxure Power Commission software: all wireless devices in the network and in pairing phase are discovered by the EcoStruxure Panel Server . The feature enables you to pair a large number of wireless devices at the same time.


To commission the EcoStruxure Panel Server with EcoStruxure Power Commission software, proceed as follows:

  1. Check that the wireless devices that are to be part of the EcoStruxure Panel Server project are powered on.

  2. Connect the EcoStruxure Panel Server to the PC (see Ethernet connection).

  3. Launch EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

  4. In the EcoStruxure Panel Server home page, click the CONNECT TO DEVICE button.

    Result: When the EcoStruxure Panel Server is connected, the connection parameters (IP and EcoStruxure Panel Server address) display.

  5. To add wireless devices, click the Add Wireless Devices card.

  6. To automatically find all the wireless devices available within the range of the EcoStruxure Panel Server , click the Automatic discovery card. Wait until the wireless devices are discovered and displayed in the list of devices.

    NOTE: When the IEEE 802.15.4 network is established for the first time, the operation takes an extra 21 seconds while communication is enabled and automatic channel selection is performed (see settings).

  7. Locate a device in a switchboard by clicking the associated icon.

    Result: The Locate Device dialog box is displayed and the associated wireless device in the switchboard continuously blinks green.

  8. Click STOP BLINK to stop blinking of the device once it is identified.

  9. Click CONFIRM to proceed.

  10. Configure the specific parameters for each wireless device.

  11. Download EcoStruxure Panel Server pairing and filled information to EcoStruxure Panel Server by clicking the WRITE TO PROJECT button.

  12. Confirm to proceed.

    Result: Message Write to project successful is displayed when finished.

  13. In COMMUNICATION VIEW, click the EcoStruxure Panel Server in the communication diagram.

  14. Save EcoStruxure Panel Server settings in the project by clicking the APPLY TO SERVER button.

    Result: Message Write to project successful is displayed when finished.

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