Notifications (Advanced Model)


The Panel Server Advanced allows you to display a list of alarm notifications issued by connected downstream devices.

The notification list is for display only.

By default, the list displays alarm notifications issued in the 30 days prior to the current date. You can select other time periods or customize the time period.

The list of notifications displays the following information for each alarm:

  • Date of alarm

  • Severity icon

  • Name of device which triggered alarm

  • Alarm name

  • Status of alarm


This function is available on Panel Server Advanced webpages, at Notifications.

Display Settings

The time period of alarms notifications to display can be selected from a list of options:

  • Last 24 hrs

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 30 days

  • Last 90 days

  • Custom (select the start and end dates of the period required)

You can filter notifications on the following fields:

  • Severity

  • Device name

  • Alarm name

  • Status

Alarm Icons

Icon Description

High-severity alarm. Appearance.

High-severity alarm. Disappearance.

Medium-severity alarm. Appearance.

Medium-severity alarm. Disappearance.

Low-severity alarm. Appearance.

Low-severity alarm. Disappearance.

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