Selective Pairing of Wireless Devices Through Webpages


It is possible to achieve a selective pairing through the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages. To pair the wireless devices installed in the EcoStruxure Panel Server system, define and type a pairing list to EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages. The Panel Server will pair only the wireless devices belonging to the list.

Procedure to Pair Wireless Devices Through Webpages

To generate the file that lists the selective wireless devices to be uploaded on the Panel Server webpages:

  • List the devices to be paired with Panel Server by typing the RF-id (unique radio frequency identification code) of each wireless device.

    The format of RF-id code is alphanumeric.

  • It is mandatory to add 0x before each RF-id code printed on the device.

  • In the list of devices, separate each RF-id by a comma and no space after the comma.

A virtual ID address will be applied during the pairing process with the Panel Server . The first virtual server address ID is allocated to the first discovered device. If you need to apply virtual ID addresses in a defined order, follow the procedure of controlled pairing. By default, Modbus virtual server IDs allocated to wireless devices start from 100.

To perform selective pairing of wireless devices through webpages, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to the Panel Server webpages (see how to access the webpages).

  2. Navigate to Settings > Wireless devices > Wireless configuration .

  3. If specified in the radio frequency plan, choose the correct communication channel in Wireless network settings.

  4. In Wireless communication, set the communication period for each of the 3 types of devices.

  5. Navigate to Settings > Wireless devices > Wireless discovery > Selective list and type the RF-id of each wireless device in the field, separating RF identifiers with a comma, and no space after the comma. Example: 0xFF900A59,0xFF900A58

    All and only the wireless devices in the selective list can be paired with the Panel Server .

  6. Click Start to scan the environment to discover the list of imported wireless devices.

    Result: Once pairing is completed you can view the list of paired wireless devices.

    NOTE: A popup message indicates if the network is overconfigured and suggests solutions. To check the network occupancy, navigate to Settings > Wireless devices > Wireless configuration .
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