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In an EcoStruxure system where IEEE 802.15.4 wireless devices are connected to a Panel Server, these wireless devices are required to withstand EMC levels as per IEEE 802.15.4 standard for proper device performance. For details about supported Schneider Electric IEEE 802.15.4 wireless devices, refer to the relevant Panel Server firmware release notes:

  • DOCA0249ENEcoStruxure Panel Server Entry - Firmware Release Notes

  • DOCA0178ENEcoStruxure Panel Server Universal - Firmware Release Notes

  • DOCA0248ENEcoStruxure Panel Server Advanced - Firmware Release Notes

Use IEEE 802.15.4 communication only with PowerPacT, MasterPact MTZ, and other qualified devices.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication devices provide a compact and high-density metering solution with numerous and accurate data for building systems. These wireless devices can send temperature, humidity, energy, power, current, voltage, and power factor to the EcoStruxure Panel Server.

Wireless devices are connected downstream to the EcoStruxure Panel Server.

The maximum number of wireless devices that can be connected to one EcoStruxure Panel Server is detailed in the related topic.

The Panel Server Advanced can be connected to an external IEEE 802.15.4 antenna to extend the wireless network.


This function is available on Panel Server Entry, Universal, and Advanced.

Setting the Parameters

IEEE 802.15.4 communication function is set as follows:
  • With EcoStruxure Power Commission (EPC) software

  • On the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Wireless devices

Configuration Settings

When installing a Panel Server in a metallic enclosure, and connecting it to an external IEEE 802.15.4 antenna, do not install this antenna within the enclosure.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Correct operation of protective devices installed in a metallic enclosure can be altered by a high level of IEEE 802.15.4 network radio frequency transmission power.

The following table describes the settings and where they are available.

Parameter Settings Description EPC software Webpages
Wireless network settings Wireless activation

Used to enable/disable wireless emission of the EcoStruxure Panel Server (disabled by default).

Channel mode

Used to specify how the IEEE 802.15.4 channel is selected:

  • When you select Auto (default setting), the most appropriate channel is automatically selected by the Panel Server.

  • When you select Manual, configure the wireless parameters:

    1. Select the required channel from the channel list (default setting is 21).

    2. Click:

      • Apply Changes to save the settings.

      • Cancel Changes to revert the settings, as applicable.


Enter the channel number.

Antenna selection

Used to select the type of IEEE 802.15.4 antenna used in the architecture:

  • Internal (Panel Server internal antenna)

  • External (Panel Server external antenna, Advanced model option)

  • Both (internal and external antennas are used with Panel Server Advanced.)

Output power

Output power level cannot be changed when the internal antenna or both antennas (internal and external) are used.

Output power can be set only when an external IEEE 802.15.4 antenna is connected to a Panel Server Advanced:

  • If Antenna selection is set to Internal or Both, the internal antenna is used therefore level is low (setting not editable).

  • If Antenna selection is set to External, set the output power to Low Level or High Level depending on your network.

IMPORTANT: When a Panel Server connected to an external IEEE 802.15.4 antenna is installed in a metallic enclosure, check that the antenna is not installed within the enclosure.

Wireless communication

Communication period

It defines the length of time (in seconds) each wireless device (sensor, control, energy related) sends data to the Panel Server. This is only applicable to real-time data and not to alarms that are immediately notified in case of event.

NOTE: If the communication period is reduced, it can potentially impact the stability of the wireless network, and indicator of radio quality may be degraded. As standard, the Panel Server has a defined default value for each family of wireless devices.

The communication period can be adapted as follows, if needed:

  1. Select the required communication period from the Communication Period list.

  2. Apply the selected values.

  3. Click:

    • Apply Changes to save the settings.

    • Cancel Changes to revert the settings, as applicable.

Wireless device management

Remove all devices

Used to remove all wireless devices connected to the Panel Server.

Settings of Wireless Devices Discovery

The following table describes the settings and where they are available.

Parameter Settings Description EPC software Webpages
Wireless discovery Selective list

Used to discover a selective list of wireless devices to be connected to the EcoStruxure Panel Server.

Discovery status

Indicates the status of the device discovery on the wireless network:

  • Idle: device discovery is inactive.

  • InProgress: device discovery is in progress

  • Done: device discovery is performed.

Discovered devices Remove all devices

Identification of the discovered wireless devices with device type, name, and model.

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