Custom Models for Downstream Modbus Devices (Universal and Advanced Models)


The Panel Server supports the use of custom models for downstream Modbus devices. A custom model can be created to manage a Modbus device that is not natively managed by the Panel Server built-in models or when a different model than the built-in one is desired.

Custom models are only dedicated to support EcoStruxure Asset Advisor EcoStruxure Resource Advisor , and EcoStruxure Energy Hub applications and Panel Server Advanced energy server functions. On other applications, custom models can be used, but only allow the visualization of device data on the monitoring screen.

Custom models are created or modified in the EcoStruxure Power Commission web portal tool.

New and modified custom models are imported in the Panel Server by using the Panel Server webpages. To connect a new Modbus device or to automatically discover Modbus devices, see Addition and Removal of Modbus Devices.


This function is available on Panel Server Universal and Advanced .

Setting the Parameters

Custom models are available on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages at Settings > Modbus Devices > Custom models .

Creating a Custom Model

Create the custom model by using the EcoStruxure Power Commission web portal tool.

The custom device model must contain the following facets:

  • modelingInformation

  • productIdentification

  • measure

  • modbusMapping

  • modbusDataModel

The custom model cannot be imported into the Panel Server webpages if it does not follow these rules.

The custom units in the custom device model must comply with the following syntax rules:

  • Maximum number of characters: 16

  • Use only characters from the following table.

Characters Description

Alphanumeric characters

  • All upper case letters from A to Z
  • All lower case letters form a to z
  • All numbers from 0 to 9


forward slash


star (multiply)








left parenthesis


right parenthesis




omega (ohm)


mu (micro)


the space character


degrees, for example °C

superscript characters

  • All numbers from 0 to 9
  • Plus and minus characters

Export the custom model to a zip file.

Importing a Custom Device Model

To import a custom device model previously created and exported in a zip file, from the Panel Server webpages, select Settings > Modbus Devices > Custom models , and follow this procedure:

  1. Click Import. You can import:

    • A new custom model. This is a custom model which is not currently imported to the Panel Server .

    • A modified custom model. This is a modification of a custom model which is already imported and used by connected Modbus devices.

  2. Select a custom device model stored locally in a zip file.

    The zip file can contain both new and modified custom models. You can have a maximum of two different versions with the same custom model name. Only one version is used by Modbus devices.

NOTE: An error message is displayed if the custom model does not comply with the syntax rules (see Creating a Custom Model).

When the custom model is successfully imported, it is listed in the custom models table.

A new custom model is automatically instantiated so that new Modbus devices can be added using that custom model.

For modified custom models, the new version is available for use in the custom models table. It is not automatically instantiated. Perform an update to apply the new version to selected Modbus devices. See the following table for more information.

Custom Models Table

The custom models table displays the following information and allows you to perform version updates, and delete and export custom models:

Column Description

Model name

Name of imported custom model.

Model version

Current version of the custom model, used by associated Modbus devices.

Available version

An alternative version of the custom model available to be applied on associated Modbus devices.

Associated devices

The number of Modbus devices associated with the custom model. This number is updated when new Modbus devices are discovered manually or automatically.

Contextual menu

Click this icon to open a contextual menu. The items displayed depend on the device:

  • Update model: Click to update the model to the available version.

    NOTE: After updating to a new version, the original version appears in the Available version column and can be reinstated to the associated devices by clicking the Update icon again.

  • Export model: Click to export a custom model to a zip file.

  • Remove model: Click to delete a previously imported device.

Supported Functions

Modbus functions are described in the appendix:

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