Data Sampling


The Panel Server allows the sampling of data from each connected device. The function differs depending on the Panel Server model.


This function is available on Panel Server Entry, Universal, and Advanced.

Data Sampling on Panel Server

Data sampling is activated and automatically configured when a cloud connection is enabled. The memory capability is limited to 5,000 measurements

, with limits of 500 measurements per minute and 100 alarms. Data measured on the connected devices is sampled and published to the cloud applications when sampling is activated. The data is logged into a buffer which is used to buffer data when cloud connection is lost. In case of connection loss, data is stored up to one month and published to the cloud application when the connection is restored. This function is only active when the Panel Server is used to connect to a cloud application. It is not active when the Panel Server is used as a gateway connected to an edge control upper system (for example, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, EcoStruxure Power Operation, EcoStruxure Building Operation) or third-party software.

In the case of cloud connection, the sampling configuration (set of measurements and sampling period) is set automatically by the cloud system. Data sampling settings are not editable with Panel Server webpages and EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

Data Sampling Configuration on Panel Server Advanced

The data sampling commissioning screen allows you to configure the measurements to be sampled and logged for each device in the system when the Panel Server Advanced is used as an energy server and not connected to a cloud application. Data is logged in the logging memory. It is approximately 3 years of data of a system. For details about the number of logged data, see calculation of logged measurements.

Data sampling settings are editable with Panel Server webpages (see details).

IMPORTANT: If the settings of any measurement are modified, historical data for this measurement are lost.

When a Panel Server Advanced is connected to a cloud application, the data that are being sampled and published are logged in the Panel Server Advanced in addition to being published to the cloud application. The logged data can be seen in the trending screens. The sampling and publishing configuration is directly received from the cloud application and cannot be set with the Panel Server commissioning webpages. The logging memory of the Panel Server Advanced serves as a buffer if the cloud connection is lost. The data is published when the cloud connection is restored.

Setting the Parameters

Data sampling is set on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Data Management > Data sampling.

Data Sampling Activation and Reset

The following table describes the settings.

Parameter Description

Activation mode

Used to activate/deactivate data sampling by the Panel Server.

  • Click button Activate sampling to activate the function.

  • Click button Deactivate sampling to deactivate the function.

Flush data

Used to delete all sampling data. To delete data:

  1. Deactivate data.

  2. Click button Flush data.

Selecting Measurements to Log (Advanced Model)

Configuring data sampling is a feature of Panel Server Advanced.

Data sampling must be done when the Panel Server Advanced is used as an energy server and not connected to a cloud application. If the Panel Server Advanced is connected to a cloud application, the sampling configuration is received from the cloud application.

The maximum number of measured data is 788,400,000. Measured data means one point of measurement on one device.

You can calculate the maximum duration (in days) of data logging for your system by dividing the maximum number of measured data (788,400,000) by the number of measured data for each device per hour.

IMPORTANT: Consider how much data is being logged across the devices when defining the sampling parameters for the system. To maintain system performance, it is recommended to follow these performance criteria:
  • The number of individual data points that can be sampled is limited to 5,000 simultaneous samples

    from different devices whatever the type (wireless, Modbus-SL, or Modbus TCP/IP)

  • with a maximum of 500 samples per minute for measurements

  • and a maximum of 100 individual alarms that can be configured for monitoring and sent an email notification.

    NOTE: Any remote configuration that tries to enable more than 100 alarms is rejected.

Example: When 30 PowerTag Energy sensors are connected to the Panel Server Advanced and 30 measurements are acquired per sensor, the total number of measurements is 30 x 30 = 900, that is, below the limit of 5,000 simultaneous measurements

. If these measurements are acquired every 15 minutes by the Panel Server then the sampling rate is 900 / 15 = 60 samples per minute, that is, below the limit of 500 samples per minute.

Logging too many data samples per period may affect your Advanced model performance, including degraded web page response, missed logging periods, and less responsive Panel Server operation.

After the commissioning of all the devices connected to the Panel Server, the choice of measurements and sampling period can be set individually for each device in the Data sampling webpage :

  1. Click the device name in a device page.

  2. Activate/deactivate sampling for every measurement with the Sampling checkbox.

  3. Select the sampling period for the measurement.

    NOTE: The default sampling configuration for every device comprises of the most commonly used data for each device type.

  4. Click Save to apply changes.

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