Modbus TCP/IP Client (Universal and Advanced Models)


The EcoStruxure Panel Server acts as both a Modbus TCP/IP gateway and a Modbus device by using the internal Modbus TCP server.

To correctly configure your Modbus TCP/IP client to access data from Panel Server and from devices under Panel Server , see Modbus Gateway Function.

The Panel Server acts as a Modbus gateway for wired or wireless Ethernet communications from an upstream PC to Ethernet devices and field devices on the downstream network. By using a local monitoring software you can access information from devices for data collection and other functions.

The Panel Server manages Modbus communication on all interfaces including Wi-Fi.

For more information, see Modbus TCP/IP functions and Modbus TCP/IP exception codes in appendix.


This function is available on Panel Server Universal and Advanced .

Setting the Parameters

Only qualified personnel should modify the Modbus TCP/IP settings. Perform such modifications only after you have read about and understood the Modbus TCP/IP settings.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of network connectivity.
Modbus TCP/IP client function is set as follows:
  • With EcoStruxure Power Commission (EPC) software

  • On the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Modbus devices > Modbus configuration > Modbus TCP/IP client .

For information about the Modbus registers, see the guide of each Modbus-SL device and DOCA0241EN EcoStruxure Panel Server  - Modbus File for wireless devices.

Modbus TCP/IP Client Settings

The following table describes the settings and where they are available.

Parameter Description EPC software Webpages

Connection timeout (s)

Used to set the length of time the Panel Server will wait for a remote Modbus TCP/IP device to establish the connection with the Panel Server .

Values from 0.1 to 10 seconds (default setting: 2 seconds)

Message timeout (s)

Used to set the length of time the Panel Server will wait for a remote Modbus TCP/IP device to respond and send a message following a Modbus TCP/IP request initiated by the Panel Server .

Values from 1 to 20 seconds (default setting: 3 seconds)

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