Data Logging (Advanced Model)


When data sampling is activated, the Panel Server Advanced historizes (or logs) the sampled data.

Data is logged in the logging memory. The memory stores approximately three years of data of a system or 788,400,000 measurement data points. For more detail about quantities of logged data, see calculation of valid configurations.


In addition to published data, the historized data is available on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages at Home and at Data Trending.

Setting the Parameters

To enable data logging, activate data sampling on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages, at Settings > Data Management > Data sampling .

Data Logging Configuration

Configure data logging in the same way as for data sampling.

Consider the maximum number of data points that can be stored and the recommended sampling limits when configuring data logging.

Logging too many data samples per period may affect your Advanced model performance, including degraded web page response, missed logging periods, and less responsive Panel Server operation.

NOTE: Historical data is maintained if the settings of a measurement are modified. Refer to Changing the Data Sampling Frequency.

Data Logging Configuration from Cloud Application

When a Panel Server Advanced is connected to a cloud application, the data that is sampled and published is logged in the Panel Server Advanced in addition to being published to the cloud application.

NOTE: The Panel Server Advanced publishes the last three months of sampled data when publication is activated.

The logged data can be seen in the Trending screens. The sampling and publishing configuration is directly received from the cloud application and cannot be set with the Panel Server commissioning webpages. The logging memory of the Panel Server Advanced serves as a buffer if the cloud connection is lost. The data is published when the cloud connection is restored.

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