Controlled Pairing of Wireless Devices (PowerTag Energy, HeatTag) Through Webpages

  1. All the wireless devices in the EcoStruxure Panel Server system must be powered on.

  2. Launch the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpage in the web browser.

  3. Log in to the webpages (see how to access the webpages).

  4. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Wireless devices .

  5. Click Start Scanning.

  6. Power on the wireless devices, one by one, in the required order.

  7. Stop scanning when all the devices are discovered, or click Start Scanning again to complete the scanning process.

    A list of paired devices is displayed according to the required order (Modbus address plan).

  8. Select the wireless device to configure and click Locate to find the device in the panel.

    Result: The status LED of the selected device blinks fast green in the panel.

  9. If one of the located wireless devices is not part of your selection, click Delete to reject the device.

  10. Once pairing is completed you can view the list of the paired wireless devices in webpage Settings > Devices > Wireless devices .

  11. Configure the wireless devices.

    NOTE: The Modbus address assigned to the wireless devices can be changed after the pairing process is done.

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