Troubleshooting of the EcoStruxure Panel Server

  • Apply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safe electrical work practices. See NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, NOM 029-STPS or local equivalent.
  • This equipment must only be installed and serviced by qualified electrical personnel.
  • Turn off all power supplying this equipment before working on or inside equipment.
  • Always use a properly rated voltage sensing device to confirm power is off.
  • Re-install all devices, doors, and covers before turning on power to this equipment.
  • Do not exceed the device ratings for maximum limits.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.




The status LED is not lit. Source power not applied or not stable. Apply power or check power source.
EcoStruxure Panel Server status LED blinking orange EcoStruxure Panel Server in degraded health state.

See the EcoStruxure Panel Server Diagnostics webpages.

In particular, you can look at the EcoStruxure Panel Server health state, which gives information about which internal component caused the EcoStruxure Panel Server to start blinking orange. For example:

  • If Modbus is identified, then a Modbus-SL device may have been powered off or removed from EcoStruxure Power Commission software, but EcoStruxure Power Commission software did not remove the device as seen from the gateway.

  • If IEEE 802.15.4 is identified, then a device may be powered off and stopped communicating for a few cycles.

  • If a local device is identified, then there may be an IPv4 address conflict.

EcoStruxure Panel Server status LED steady red Major malfunction. Call your local Schneider Electric service representative for assistance.

Troubleshooting of Webpages and Communication




Unable to browse the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages.

Incorrect network configuration

Verify that all IP parameters are correct.

Verify that EcoStruxure Panel Server receives requests (ping EcoStruxure Panel Server in the DOS prompt. Type ping and EcoStruxure Panel Server IP address. For example, ping

Verify that all connection settings in your browser Internet options are correct.

The EcoStruxure Panel Server has lost communication with wireless devices.

Pollution on the radio frequency channel

Change the radio frequency channel that communicates between wireless devices and EcoStruxure Panel Server in EcoStruxure Power Commission software or EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages.

A wireless device is not discovered by the EcoStruxure Panel Server .

EcoStruxure Panel Server does not recognize this type of wireless devices.

Verify that the device is in the list of supported devices. See the respective release notes:

  • DOCA0249EN EcoStruxure Panel Server Entry - Firmware Release Notes

  • DOCA0178EN EcoStruxure Panel Server Universal - Firmware Release Notes

  • DOCA0248EN EcoStruxure Panel Server Advanced - Firmware Release Notes

Status of wireless devices (for example, Easergy TH110) does not update in EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages or EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

The wireless device is powered off or has stopped communicating with the EcoStruxure Panel Server (for example, if the wireless device has been moved out of range) and has status Not connected in the webpages .

  • Verify that the device is powered on.

  • Verify that the wireless device is not installed out of range of the EcoStruxure Panel Server .

A Modbus device is not discovered by the EcoStruxure Panel Server .

Incorrect device configuration settings.

  • Verify that the device is in the list of supported devices.

  • Verify that the device settings are set according to the EcoStruxure Panel Server (see Serial Configuration Settings).

A Modbus device does not communicate with the EcoStruxure Panel Server .

The same server ID is set to two Modbus devices in the network.

Verify that a server ID is not used twice in the Modbus network. See the detailed topic to correct conflicts by using EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

Alarms are not displayed in the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpages and cannot be monitored in the webpages.

SFTP publication is active.

  1. In the webpage Settings > Publication > Publication method > SFTP , verify that SFTP Publication is disabled.

  2. In the webpage Settings > Data management , enable or disable the alarms under monitoring.

  3. In the webpage Settings > Publication > Publication method > SFTP , enable SFTP Publication.

The EcoStruxure Panel Server cannot reach the Schneider Electric cloud.

Network unreachable is displayed in Connection diagnostics.

Incorrect network or communication configuration.

Verify that the network and communication settings are correctly set (for example, proxy or DNS is required but not defined).

Verify that the firewall allows network access and connection from the EcoStruxure Panel Server , in particular ports and protocols are enabled and correctly configured.

Check that time is set to Schneider Electric cloud on the EcoStruxure Panel Server webpage (see Date & Time ).

The EcoStruxure Panel Server is not recognized by the Schneider Electric cloud services.

Check that port 443 has been opened to cloud services (see parameters for cloud connection and services).

If a reset to factory settings was performed on the Panel Server , contact your Schneider Electric Customer Care Center to have the Panel Server re-associated to Schneider Electric cloud services.

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