Abandon Options

This control allows you to determine the features that may be abandoned, abandoned and removed, or converted to conduit. Abandon Options are available on the ArcFM Abandon toolbar. Select the checkbox next to a feature to enable the abandon method. Checkboxes are selected by default. The features must be configured appropriately by an administrator to be included in this dialog.

Press Ctrl and click a box to deselect or select all checkboxes in a window. If a feature class does not appear in this dialog, it may need to be configured.

You can also set the trim distance for the Cut and Trim tool in this dialog and select feature classes to be abandoned, removed, or converted to conduit.

The Trim Distance field allows you to determine the amount trimmed when the Cut and Trim tool is used. Specify a value greater than zero. In the example below, the cut and trim tool was used to cut the Distribution Main.

Note that if you set the Trim Distance to 0.5 or less, the ArcFM Cut and Trim tool may remove the feature in one direction starting at the cut point.

If you select the Keep measured length checkbox, the length trimmed from the pipe will be added back into the MeasuredLength field. For example, you may cut a 100 foot pipe in half with a trim distance of 10. The ShapeLength fields of the two resulting pieces will have lengths of 45 each (half of the trim distance was deducted from each). However, their MeasuredLength fields will have values of 50, reflecting that the trim distance was added back in. If the Keep measured length checkbox remains unselected, the trim distance will NOT be added to the value in the MeasuredLength field.

As a precaution, you can change the default Warning Threshold for abandoning features. If you select more features to be abandoned than the threshold number entered, you will have the opportunity to confirm before you actually abandon any features in the network.

IMPORTANT: The Abandon right-click tools on the Attribute Editor ignore the Warning Threshold. Abandon uses the Warning Threshold when the user has selected a number of features by executing a trace before selecting the Abandon tool.
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