Available Tasks Tool

Available in: ArcFM (Process Tasks toolbar), ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine, Session Manager, Workflow Manager

Enable: Open a session or design in ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer. In Session Manager and Workflow Manager, this tool is always enabled.

The Task tool offers an easy method for performing actions in your Process Framework extension. When you select a node, the Available Tasks tool drop-down menu shows the actions that may be performed on that node. Simply select a node, choose a task from the menu, and click the Execute Task button.

Available tasks in Session Manager:

ArcFM Process Tasks toolbar in ArcFM:

The ArcFM Process Tasks toolbar is not available in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. The Available Tasks tool appears on the Session Manager toolbar instead.

Available tasks on the Session Manager toolbar in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine:

The current install includes sample subtasks for Session Manager and Workflow Manager. Your administrator may also create and edit Tasks using the Process Framework Administration tool (see the online help for the Admin tool). Descriptions of the sample subtasks provided are available in the Set Up Process Framework Tools section of the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help in ArcCatalog.

CIM Message Processing

Workflow Manager has the capability to receive and process messages from your Work Management System (WMS). This functionality may be customized to work programmatically with your WMS. In this case, messaging will be handled programmatically and the user needs to do nothing more.

Workflow Manager may also process and output CIM-compliant XML using two tasks included in the ArcFM sample data (without requiring customization). To view these tasks, they must be configured according to the Upgrade Workflow Manager to 9.1.2 SP1 page in Set Up Process Framework section of the ArcFM Solution Configuration Guide. The following tasks may be named differently if your administrator has elected different names. These are the task names as they appear in the ArcFM sample data.

Process CIM Message

This task takes a CIM-compliant XML as an input parameter, reads the noun and verb provided in the request and processes the request. If the message asks for a return XML, it is written out to the path provided in the parameter when the task was configured. If the parameters for the incoming and outgoing XML were not given values, the user will be prompted to enter them when executing the task. In the sample data, this task is available when a filter node is selected.

Write Out CIM XML Message (get)

This task writes out to a CIM-compliant XML information about the currently selected design or work request node. The task takes a CIM-compliant XML as an input parameter. It reads the verb provided in the XML (an Administrator may also configure the New Verb parameter to change the verb) and processes the message on selected node. It writes out information about the node to a CIM-compliant XML. If the parameters for the incoming and outgoing XML were not given values when the Administrator configured the task, the user will be prompted to enter XML paths when executing the task. This task will be available only when a design or work request node is selected.

Unlock Design

If a design node becomes locked due to an ArcMap crash, it may be unlocked using the Unlock Design task. The user must be the owner of the design to unlock it. There are several instances in which a design may NOT be unlocked:

  • Another user is currently editing the design in ArcMap.

  • Another user owns the design.

  • The design is part of a work request that contains an approved design.

Locked designs may be unlocked in Workflow Manager or in ArcMap by selecting the Unlock Design task from the Task tool.

If an Unlock task is not available for a node type, your administrator may need to create it using the Process Framework Admin Tool.

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